About Us

Berlet Magnetics (a division of Berlet Group of Companies), has acquired the Specialty Products Division of Eriez of Canada to allow us to expand our scope of operations in magnets and magnetic-based equipment and solutions. We are now positioned to serve industry in a timely and effective way with a fully comprehensive product line based on permanent and electromagnets. Berlet, an ISO registered company, has been designing, supplying and servicing industrial products across Canada for 50 years. You can be assured that we will support the acquisition by adhering to the standards of manufacturing excellence that you have come to expect from Berlet. We will also maintain full product support, including parts, service and repairs, with a dedicated customer care team whose experience in the industry makes Berlet fully acquainted with our expanded product line, backed by our full design, manufacturing and assembly team. We look forward to satisfying all of your requirements in the Magnetics field with the best products and engineered solutions.