X Berlet Magnetics are in a position to serve industries in a timely and effective way with a fully comprehensive product line. As a leading provider and manufacturer of Magnets for all the needs of Industrial, OEM, POP and Retail Customers, we will provide any of your required magnets, magnetic materials, magnetic devices and magnetic assemblies that you may use in thousands of lifting, positioning, holding, separating, retrieving and material handling applications.

Berlet Magnetics will provide the best possible solution for your magnetic needs while considering the many different types of magnets and their many different magnetic strengths, heat resistance, corrosion tolerance and permanence.

Berlet Magnetics is a part of the Berlet Group, which is ISO registered, and has been designing, supplying and servicing industrial products across Canada for over 50 years. You can be assured that we will support the addition of the Magnetics business by adhering to the standards of manufacturing excellence that are customary from Berlet.

We look forward to satisfying all of your requirements in the Magnetic Field with the best products and engineered solutions.

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